The King's Rubies

Who are the king’s rubies?

We are The King’s Rubies And Royal Daughters. The “KING” being our God and Creator in heaven.

Our mission is to assist women conquer limiting beliefs about themselves in order to maximize destiny while empowering them to discover and fulfil their life’s purpose and

Our vision is to Activate purpose, Maximize potentials and leave Behind Positive Indelible Marks Trans-generationally.

We achieve this by our work:

  • Empowerment initiatives – Skill acquisition and business growth trainings
  • Mentorship-Mindset Trainings, women peer groups  etc
  • Outreaches – reaching the women in under served communities through health and economic empowerment programmes.

Our core values are:  R- Resilience I – Impact S- Spirituality E- Excellence

About Founder

Ifeoma Nonyelum Eze is a Senior Emotional Intelligence Professional and Chartered Management Consultant who has combined years of experience in Leadership, Administration and Education Management with a background in Education Administration and Planning.

She is a phenomenal woman who has been invited to speak at different events and conferences. She is uniquely recognized for her passion for Leadership, emotional intelligence, Quality Assurance, Equal access to Education, Women Empowerment And Excellence in Organisations.

She founded The King’s Rubies And Royal Daughters Organization to assist women conquer limiting beliefs about themselves in order to maximize destiny while empowering them to discover and fulfill their life’s purpose

Ifeoma is a highly recognized mentor with Mentor-X-Africa, whose books, seminars and experience has helped a lot of young people who are passionate about maximizing their potentials and fulfilling their purpose. She has also helped school owners in school startups to ensure excellence.

She is a Church Administrator with over 14 years experience and Senior Pastor / Director of Administration at Zion Heritage Ministries. She is the Proprietress of World Changers Academy, A Licensed Teacher with TRCN, A life-coach, A Strategic Partner, Certified Leadership and Chartered Management Consultant with Integrated Institute of Professional Management and Chartered Institute of Management Consultants, A Certified Marriage, Relationship and Couple Therapist. She is also the CEO of Heritage Records, a Singer-Songwriter with 100 produced songs, Author of more than 20 books and co-author of more than 30 books. She runs a weekly media series called Checkpoint.

She has been a published author for over a decade with dozens of popular books such as Preparing for your Season of demand, Making An Indelible Mark, The Heart for Greatness, Becoming A Person of Exceptional Value and Treasures in The Trash.

She is Wife to Bishop Okwudili Eze, And Mother to 3 Incredible boys (David, Daniel, & Dominion).